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Full Package

We can provide everything for you from the rental items to the services, the food and the flowers.  Allow us to be your wedding planner and caterer all in one.

Partial Package

Do you want to make your own flower arrangements, provide your own bar, handle your own rentals?  No problem! We completely understand that the Bride and Groom may prefer to take care of certain aspects of their wedding with the help of either family or friends.  We would be happy to provide you with a variety of contacts if you require them or simply advise you if you ask.

On the Day

It is your day, so plan to relax and enjoy every moment.  My staff and I will do everything to make this evening wonderful and memorable.

Private Parties


Birthday Celebrations

Not sure what to do for your parents who are turning 75 or 100?  What about your spouse who has been you partner for the past 30 years and is turning the big 50 or 60? Why not plan a surprise party at your home for them inviting family & their closest friends? The best part: We will do all the work. We will work with you in advance on customizing a theme, a menu and services.

Wedding Anniversaries

What better way to celebrate that momentous 50th or 75th wedding anniversary than surrounded by your children, grandchildren, and old and new friends?  We will make your special day relaxing so that you can reminisce about the day so many years prior where it all began.  We can recreate the original menu and event or start anew.  It is all up to you.

Private Home Events

Allow us to bring your family and friends closer together in the comfort of your own home.  You can relax and enjoy their company while we provide you with customized services that will meet and exceed your expectations. 

Corporate Events



We can provide delicious and customized boxed or bagged lunches for your important business conference.  Call us to plan a fresh & healthy alternative that will invigorate those attending.

Corporate Parties

Let us help you celebrate throughout the year with a company holiday party, a boss's or colleague's retirement, a ribbon cutting ceremony, or important board meeting to bring your associates together for a fantastic morning, afternoon or evening.

Team Building Experiences

Host a hands on "Cooking Class" in your own home for your team at work.  Whether you decide to try your hand at creating appetizers, homemade pasta, a full menu or simply desserts, we will provide you with instructions, complete menus, and entertainment in the kitchen. 

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